"We're getting social, here"

You get a complete page dedicated to your business with your company logo, description, contact information, links to your website and facebook, interactive map with driving directions, ratings and comments, and most importantly, your video segment.

More online presence

In marketing, the best way to get your name out there is to... get your name out there - in as many places and as many ways as possible. DFW Playbook offers you another way to link to your website through our directory. And any SEO guru is going to tell you that links and traffic boost your rankings in search engines.

The beauty of this concept lies in the fact that every business benefits from all the other businesses in the program. Each new minisode brings a new run of TV commercials that promote that minisode; bringing more viewers to the site to see all minisodes.

We build and manage your page

As part of your participation in DFW Playbook, your page is included in the first year. But we do all the heavy lifting - you give us the info and we build your page. When you want a change, simply shoot us an email and we'll make it happen lickety-split.