A Guy's Guide

Okay businesses, here's your chance to grab the attention of that male demographic!  DFW Playbook is an exciting new television show for the digital age.  Utilizing TV, computers, mobile and social media, you have a unique opportunity to showcase your business like never before.

Plain and simple - this is a guy's guide.  We'll highlight places to go and things to do and talk about everything guys like and need to know.  You can get in the heads of consumers without "trying to sell them" with this innovative show format.


Advances in technology and changes in viewing habits have led to a whole new way we get our entertainment. We’ve recognized that schedules are getting busier and attention spans are getting shorter. That’s why we’re introducing minisodes – shortened versions of television programs that can be watched online, any time.


People turn to the internet first as their source for information. A guy's guide would not be complete without vital information on the businesses in the show. Each business involved is entered into our Scouting Reports by category, making it easy to find their location, phone number and a little intel on what goes down.